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Lil’ Goodness provides nutritional snacks to children

Lil’ Goodness provides nutritional snacks to children

Parenting is one of the biggest challenging tasks. Providing nutritious food to children while keeping them happy with those recipes is a tough task for parents.

Whether a toddler or school-going child, no one is happy if you provide the same recipe regularly. Moreover, many children like junk foods and it is difficult for parents to stay away from them and make them eat fresh fruits or healthy homemade recipes.

Parents do not have much time due to their busy routine to convince children to eat healthy home-cooked recipes while children prefer readymade food like chips, bread, biscuits etc.

In this context, parents try to choose nutritional and healthy snacks for their children. While there is a huge gap between what parents provide to their children and the choice of children, Lil’ Goodness came into the sector to fill it.

It offers fresh school meals and numerous varieties of preservative-free packaged foods to cater to the needs of the children.

Lil’ Goodness is a Bengaluru based startup. In the beginning, it offered baked foods. But, later, the startup realized that there was a market for preservative-free snacks for children.

The startup offers fruit cereal snacks, fruit yoghurt mix, and fruit cereal snacks with milk.

Their recipes are experimented and iterated. For example, they have guava and yoghurt mix which is not generally used by most people.

Similarly, there are many other products. Lil’ Goodness assures that their products are made with the advice of experts.

They supply meals to school children. The menu includes sweet potato vada pav, whole wheat pancakes, soy garlic vegetables, mix veg uttapam, peas kachori, mini pizza and many south Indian and north Indian varieties.

Their recipes are cooked at the centralised FSSAI and ISO-certified kitchen and packed in quality packs. Then, they are transported in sterile vehicles.

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