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Laddu Box sells traditional laddus

Laddu Box sells traditional laddus

Many people have a habit of eating a sweet after meals. Saandeep Jogiparti also has the same habit. He used to keep a box of sweets in his house to eat after every meal. However, his family advised him not to eat sweets after every meal as they contain refined sugar. As a result, he was eating a spoon of jaggery instead of sweets. It made him ventured into sweet making later.

Saandeep and his wife Kavitha Gopu worked in the US for a few years. Later they returned to India. They wanted to start their own business after a few months. At that time, the couple decided to make traditional laddus and sweets without adding refined sugar.

They launched Laddu Box in 2019 in Hyderabad with 11 varieties of laddus, using millets, whole grains, ghee, and jaggery. The shelf-life of laddu is three weeks.

The couple sold laddus through stalls at IT companies and different fairs. Customers used to place bulk orders after tasting laddus.

Like many other businesses, the startup was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple then wanted to reach customers through online mode. They launched a website to sell laddus. Besides, they used social media to market their products.

Online mode boosted their sales. They received orders not only from various cities of the country but also from the USA and UK.

Unlike the laddus available in the market with over 40 grams, Laddu Box’s laddus are 28 grams to avoid wastage. The startup sells a pack of three laddus for the convenience of customers.

So far, the startup has generated a revenue of ₹55 lakhs. Laddu Box recently launched protein-rich laddus fitness enthusiasts, iron-rich laddus for women and children, and laddus made with dates for vegans.

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