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A man’s Journey from humble beginnings to sweet success

A man’s Journey from humble beginnings to sweet success

Nowadays, customers eagerly wait to meet Bhaskar K R, the owner of Bhaskar’s Mane Holige, and take selfies with him.

His inspiring rags-to-riches story recently aired on a business show, catapulting him to fame overnight.

Bhaskar’s journey began at the tender age of 12 when he worked as a hotel cleaner in Bengaluru.

Today, he owns 17 outlets across Karnataka, including 10 in the city. His business offers 22 varieties of holige (sweet stuffed flatbreads, also known as Puran poli or bobbattu).

Besides, he also offers 400 snacks, traditional sweets, spice powders, and pickles.

Despite being a Class 5 dropout, Bhaskar’s determination led him to appear on a business show with franchise partners, seeking investment to expand his business in Maharashtra. Though he didn’t secure funding, the investors lauded his entrepreneurial spirit.

Before opening the first Bhaskar’s Mane Holige on DVG Road in 2015, Bhaskar held various jobs. He taught folk and break dance, ran a paan stall and sold tea from a cart. He even distributed milk packets to nearby areas where he now resides.

During challenging times, he slept in hotels, temples, and tea stalls, and used public baths.

Since the episode aired, daily sales in Karnataka have risen by 10% and by 15-18% in Maharashtra. Bhaskar has received about 300 franchise inquiries from cities including Hyderabad, Kolkata etc., and even from countries like Germany, Dubai, and the UK.

Despite his success, Bhaskar remains grounded. He continues to make holige at his DVG Road outlet during festivals and busy periods.

He credits many people for helping him along the way and proudly mentions them. On the show, he shared how he started the concept of serving holige hot and fresh at live counters in Bengaluru.

Bhaskar attributes his business acumen to his mother, who raised him and his sister alone after their father passed away early in their lives.

Reflecting on his journey, Bhaskar recounts how his holige business began.

After his tea cart was stolen on Magadi Road, he started serving coffee at a hotel. There, he met a customer who made and sold holige from his home.

Bhaskar quit the hotel job to work with this customer, making holige and distributing them to shops on his cycle.

A turning point came when his employer locked him out for being late one day. A year later, Bhaskar began selling holige from a shed in Gavipuram, near his wife’s home.

Twelve years later, he founded Bhaskar’s Mane Holige, transforming his humble beginnings into a thriving business and becoming a symbol of perseverance and success.

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