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Kol Kol offers ergonomic baby carrier bags

Kol Kol offers ergonomic baby carrier bags

While some people become entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, others become accidental entrepreneurs. Bayiravi Mani Mangaonkar from Goa is one such accidental entrepreneur.

Bayiravi launched Kol Kol Baby Carrier in 2014. Before launching her startup, she did many jobs like event management, home baking etc. But, her need made her launch Kol Kol Baby Carrier.

Bayiravi did not want to be an entrepreneur as she noticed the difficulties of her father and uncles due to their businesses. She wanted to get a fixed and steady income every month.

She started home baking to get rid of her boredom as it was new to her. It went well till the birth of her child. But, after delivering the child, she felt it difficult to manage the work by looking after her 45-day old son.

Sometimes, she had to spend several hours in the kitchen. At that time, she found it challenging to take care of her son while managing the work in the kitchen.

Then she came to know about babywearing, which changed her thoughts and life. She started babywearing by tying her little son to her, using an old saree or dupatta. But, it was not comfortable for a long time.

She used baby carriers of a European brand, but she felt uncomfortable with them also as they caused pain and pressure. Then she focused on this issue and found an opportunity in it.

She started reading about ergonomic baby carriers. She bought some international brands of baby carriers. However, she realized that they were not fit for the Indian climate.

She started experimenting with various types of fabrics by testing all of them on her own. Finally, she succeeded in her attempt. She designed over 100 prototypes.

Bayiravi’s initial capital was ₹50,000. The current net worth of her business is more than a crore. Her journey started with a single tailor, but now the company is associated with 15 tailors.

The price of baby carriers of Kol Kol varies with the type and starts from ₹2,340. The company sells more than 600 baby carriers each month.

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