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Jwala Solar sells Innovative Solar Products

Jwala Solar

Jwala Solar is one of the top outdoor lighting solutions providers. It was founded in 2012 by four engineers in Kerala. They sell solar panels, batteries, charger controls, PCU, and Wires and connector. Several solar kits including hybrid system, hoarding light system, DC home system, garden light system and street light system are sold by them. Other solar products sold by them are LED bulb, luminary, flood light and battery box.

All their products are operated by solar energy which are pollution free, maintenance free and long lasting. Thus, they can save power. Furthermore, these products are cost-effective. The company assures low failure for their products.

Unlike traditional products, they don’t need high costs for cabling and electricity. Thus, they can save the problems of power box lighting and installation. They also provide users guide and installation guide with safety instructions. They also provide the basics of solar panel system with which users can understand the basics and the other facts which are essential for their solar products. The PV calculator helps users to estimate how much solar power they want to generate based on the electricity used in each month.

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