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GoDial helps turn your mobile phones into call centre

GoDial helps turn your mobile phones into call centre

People who are in real estate, finance and retail sectors have to make regular phone calls to their customers for their business growth. However, manual dialling consumes a lot of time. Moreover, it is a cumbersome process.

To ease the manual dialling process, GoDial emerged into the business. GoDial is an autodialer app which acts as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on a mobile.

Users can simply import a call list to start auto-dialling. The interesting feature of this app is it can transform any mobile phone into auto dialer so that it can be operated as a call centre.

Another notable feature is that users of the app do not need to pay any VOIP charges as all calls are made from the SIM of the mobile phone.

GoDial is a Kolkata based startup. The founder of GoDial is Avijit Sarkar. He is tech-savvy. He launched a BPO when he was in his 12th grade. Upgrading his technology, he ventured into many technology-related startups later.

When he wanted to grow customers for one of his startups by calling manually, he realized that it was a painful process.

He then wanted to design an easy way to auto-dial people. Soon, he designed the prototype of GoDial, which worked like a mini CRM.

Later he updated the prototype and launched the new app in 2019. GoDial can be used not just to call customers, but to establish customer relationship as well.

In addition to that, the app can be useful in many ways. Users can send messages after making calls to the customers without saving their numbers. Furthermore, they can redial the customers who did not respond due to reachability problems, engaged with other calls etc.

GoDial is available in two versions – individual and enterprise. Users of enterprise version need to sign up with the startup. While the usage charge for the individual version is ₹100 per month, it is ₹280 for the enterprise version. So far, GoDial generated ₹40 lakhs.

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