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Elanic helps to sell pre-owned goods simply

Elanic helps to sell pre-owned goods simply

Elanic is a simple mobile app platform which allows to you simply sell your pre-owned goods. Just click the picture of the product and put price on it.

Elanic is a Bangalore based startup. There are multiple categories on this website so that you can sell all your products. Currently the limit is 100 products per sheet.

Buying on Elanic is also very easy. Users can choose their desired products after which those are packaged and delivered.

Each transaction is protected by Elanic, so payments are secure. Currently Elanic does not have exchange option. It has only return facility.

Returning goods is also very easy here as one can do it within three days if the buyer finds the product defective or damaged or not as described. Buyer can then place a return request and the pickup agents of Elanic will collect the product normally from the delivery point.

Refunds are processed within 3 to 5 working days after the receipt of returned product by the company inspection team.

Buyers can make negotiations with the sellers by making offers to them.

Sellers can react within 24 hours after which the offers are expired. If the seller accepts the price of the buyer, then buyer will get notification.


Elanic helps to sell goods simply

Those who want to sell their products can list them. Listing products is free and commission will be charged on the sale of products. 10 per cent of commission and pickup charge for picking up the product are charged by the company.

Pickup agents will collect the listed products at the scheduled time. After that the product reaches their warehouse from where it will be delivered to the buyer.

Sale is finalized after three days of product delivery to the buyer, and then only money will be transferred to the sellers.

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