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Eco eMarket for effective waste management

Eco eMarket for effective waste management

Waste management is one of the biggest problems in India. Households are majorly suffering with it. Plastic products, papers, cell phones and computers are turning to waste in homes.

Currently, plastic waste, paper waste, ewaste and textile waste are burning problems in India. The company aims to deal with all of these wastes effectively.

Eco eMarket is a Bangalore based company. It came to solve the problem of waste management. It is a digital marketplace that enables trading waste as a commodity.

Eco eMarket also provides auction options. If you want to sell or buy products, you have to register with the company. One has to provide the essential KYC documents while registering with the company.

After registering with the company, one can trade all types of e-waste products that are listed on the company website. The users can then obtain marketplace subscriptions. They can also get training on dos and don’ts while bidding, auction types, dispute resolution mechanism etc.

Sellers will have to indicate their intended products to be sold as per quality and quantity and also their price. They can view various rates available at the marketplace, different products and buyers.

Buyers can then indicate their interest by way of bidding. If the price of both the buyers and sellers match, then offline transfer of goods and products occur.

Bidders can buy from their desired products at desired sellers. Contract notes are offered by the company which contain the details of auction parameters, delivery procedures etc. for each and every product.

Sellers will be paid after the confirmation of buyer on the quality and quantity of the goods.

Eco eMarket for effective waste management

Eco eMarket for effective waste management

Successful participants of bidding can obtain their products.

However, the details of unsuccessful bidders or the other participants of the bidding cannot be revealed by the company.

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