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Doctor Insta – Online Healthcare

Doctor Insta – Online Healthcare

Doctor Insta provides on demand preventive and curative healthcare services in India. It is a Guragaon based startup.

The idea to start this service came to Amit Munjal (39) when he was spending his holidays on a remote island in Hawaii and suddenly fell ill. As he couldn’t find a doctor nearby, he used a mere video consultation service which saved his time and money. He wanted to launch such a service in India.

Amit started working on the idea after returning to India in January 2015. He completed the alpha and beta testing of the service. Doctor Insta was launched in December of 2015. It is a video medical consultation platform which gives health consultations online via calls, videos and chats.

Amit has an MBA from Indiana University-Bloomington and more than 15 years of experience in investment banking and management consulting.

The Doctor Insta app is available in both iOS and Android. Patients can book an appointment in different specialty areas and find various doctors like general physician, pediatrics, psychology, diet and nutrition, gynecology, dermatology, diabetes and sexology etc.

There is an App Patient Profile where prescriptions are received by the user. Prescriptions are also sent to the email of the user. Users can even get a free follow up consultation within seven days of the initial appointment.

The app has an integrated third party SDK which allows video calling. Users can use the HD video calling to list their symptoms or problems to the doctors and doctors can diagnose the issues of patients and provide an effective treatment plan.

The app now has more than 300,000 downloads across both android and iOS platforms. Doctor Insta aims to have at least one million users for telemedicine services in the B2B2C spectrum by the end of this year. B2B2C means that users pay a small fee every month to get doctor consult at a discounted price.

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