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BikeCleanse – Automated bike cleaning

BikeCleanse – Automated bike cleaning

BikeCleanse is a unique product made for the purpose cleaning bikes. It is an Automated Bike Washing Machine. The machine is made to meet the needs of growing number of 2 wheeler owners. It makes the process of cleaning your bike much easier.

BikeCleanse was launched by Cleanse Solutions. It was opened in January 2015 by Arnav Shah, Siddharth Jain, Naresh Talla, and Manoj Geesala.

Using the machine, one can efficiently wash motorbikes and scooters of all sizes down completely in just a few minutes. The machine is fully automated to reduce any manual work that is normally needed.

The term automated might cause some people to think that it might waste too much water. However, the machine has a water recycling unit. This reduces wastage of water and makes the machine quite environmentally friendly.

The size of the machine is not too big either. It can be transported easily and there is no need of any special installation sites. All it needs is a simple flat surface to run. The machine is small enough to be fitted indoors as well.

The size of the machine is 9.3 ft. x 7.2 ft. x 9 ft (L x W x H). It is customizable. The machine weight approximately 1.5 tons. It has an electrical load of 12 HP. It takes a power supply of 3 phase, 415V. With its 30 nozzles, the machine has wash duration of 2 minutes.

The main advantage of the machine is that it is faster than traditional cleaning. It is also more efficient. For bike service centers, this machine is very helpful. The machine does not take complicated installation compared to other machines. It is also simple to use which cuts down on training problems.

To have a BikeCleanse outlet, it takes around Rs. 7.5 – 10 lakhs based on the features selected.

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