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Aqgromalin aims to improve farmers’ income

Aqgromalin aims to improve farmers’ income

Farming is difficult. Especially those who use traditional farming methods may not get a good yield. Nowadays, technology helps develop people in their fields. Technology-driven solutions can improve farming methods and the income of farmers as they do in other fields.

To educate farmers in this direction and help them improve their income, two tech graduates founded Aqgromalin.

Prasanna M and Bharani CL launched it to help small and marginal farmers earn additional income. The duo provides them with technical instruments, training, and other essential support.

Aqgromalin is a Chennai based startup. Initially, the startup offered farm-to-fork model services. Later, the founders realized the potential to help farmers improve their income with the additional opportunities given by Aqgromalin.

The founders also noted that many farmers were involved in paddy cultivation, despite it not being profitable for their hard work. They also found in their research that those who were involved in allied activities could mitigate their risks significantly.

Hence Aqgromalin decided to help in diversifying the income of small farmers. It designed a model for them. It is a micro-farm model which involves aquaculture and animal husbandry. Farmers don’t need huge investment and area for this. Nor do they need labour-intensive works.

Aqgromalin explains the benefits of these allied activities to farmers. If farmers agree to this, then the startup begins its work. Farmers can rear ducks, goats etc., with a minimal investment. Aqgromalin buys the produce from farmers and sells it through the distribution chain. The farmers can also sell their produce at the market if they get a higher price. The startup provides an app to the farmers to track the growth and maintain it accordingly.

Currently, Aqgromalin operates in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh and works with farmers in those states.

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