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Farmpal helps farmers improve their income

Farmpal helps farmers improve their income

Karan Hon was raised in a marginal farmer’s family in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He used to accompany his father to sell vegetables and fruits while he was studying in middle school.

However, they always returned disappointed as they never got the deserved price for their products. Often it was difficult for them to meet the ends.

There are more than 90 million agricultural households in India while 70 per cent of them are riddled with debt.

Most of the farmers end up earning a meagre income while middlemen who control agri-trade get 80 per cent of trading income.

This fact haunted Karan for a long time even though he moved to Pune to pursue mechanical engineering.

Later, he worked at various reputed organizations like Mahindra Satyam, Accenture, Suzlon Energy etc.

Yet, he used to feel unhappy with his career as he wanted to do something for farmers. His strong zeal to help the Agri sector led to the venture of Farmpal.

Karan started his venture in 2017 to help farmers sell their products at better prices and earn a good income. He wanted to use technology to organize the post-harvest of farmers. This helps farmers find buyers easily and sell their products at better rates.

Certain issues in agri-trade are identified by Farmpal. One of them is pricing at mandis. Another thing is that there is a mismatch between demand and supply which results in a huge wastage.

Farmpal fixed these issues and developed an app-based platform so that farmers can directly get orders from buyers. It also helps farmers identify demand category-wise. Price is dynamic as per the demand.

Farmpal helps farmers sell their products at higher prices by 20 to 30 per cent than they would normally earn in mandis.

Thus Farmpal helps eliminate middlemen and improves the income of farmers.

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