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Why Desi internet is tweeting #Shweta

Why Desi internet is tweeting #Shweta

While the country has many big things happening, one particular trend seems to have overtaken everything else on Twitter. It is not the IPL auction that saw awaited players like Arjun Tendulkar or the petrol price hike which is affecting almost every citizen.

No, it is about a girl in a zoom meeting. Anyone who regularly uses online meetings for office or online classes probably has experience of seeing people make blunders of some kind. If you ever have done such blunders, don’t worry, after finding out what this girl did, you will feel better about yourself.

In this leaked zoom call, a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her mic. Unfortunate for her and fortunate for all the meme makers of India, she was having a private conversation with her friend. In her discussion, she kept sharing private details related to a boy who wanted those details kept as a secret. Now, the whole nation knows.

Some of her friends tried to warn her that her mic was on, but it fell on deaf ears. Ironic that she did not listen to others but now the whole internet can listen to her words.

As Shweta was saying to her friend that the boy did not share all these details with his own best friend, another participant quipped that now the whole class of 111 people know his secrets.

The video has gone viral on every platform and has spawned a string of memes. Many were saying that there is always a ‘Shweta’ in every zoom call.

The hashtag for this video has blown up immediately and has spread all over. It has beaten other trending tags and reached the top at a certain point.

Image by Lynn Kurtz from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/zoom-meeting-skype-virtual-webinar-5539377/

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