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VideoMeet –Desi alternative to Zoom

VideoMeet –Desi alternative to Zoom

Several people are using Zoom. However, it is not an indigenous app. To fill the gap, VideoMeet emerged. This desi app is developed by Jaipur-based Data Ingenious Global.

Ajay Data is the founder and CEO of VideoMeet. Despite the reputation of the Zoom app, Ajay wanted to build a desi app to be its alternative.

He created DataMail before VideoMeet app. It is one of the world’s first linguistic email address mobile apps for corporates and businesses to send emails and instant messages.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, physical interaction of people reduced. It increased the need for virtual meetings. There comes VideoMeet. It differentiates video calls and video conferences. While video calls are casual and need privacy, video conferences require security as several vital things like screen sharing is involved with it.

VideoMeet focused on these two things. It was launched in May and supported by the government’s Innovation Challenge. The company added many features to the app to join the government’s Innovation Challenge.

Fortunately, they got the desired and simple domain name. Within three months of launch, the app was downloaded more than 50,000 times on Google Play Store. The app is available on iOS and the web as the majority of users use it through browsers.

The approximate usage of VideoMeet is around two lakh minutes daily. No installation is required and users can directly join a meeting in a web browser. More than 100 participants can join the meeting.

However, hosts have to sign up to conduct a meeting. Personalized meeting rooms are available with unique IDs to facilitate login and out of the rooms multiple times without creating new meeting ID each time. Secured waiting rooms are there for users.

It is available in conference or webinar or sensitive meeting mode.

It suppresses background noises automatically. You can record your meetings or sessions with this app.

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