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WhatsApp’s new features in 2022

WhatsApp’s new features in 2022

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used social media messaging applications, introduced many interesting features, like disappearing photos and videos, voice and video calling on desktop etc., in 2021.

WhatsApp would like to add some new and interesting features in 2022 also.

Here are some expected features from WhatsApp in 2022:

The Community feature on WhatsApp is one of the most wonderful upcoming features. WhatsApp wants to launch it soon for members of various WhatsApp groups to connect in one community. As per the sources, as many as 10 groups can join together as a community on WhatsApp. Admins can send a message to all groups of the community through the Announce section. The community icon will be square with round edges and different from the group chat icon.

WhatsApp is planning to give more control to group admins soon. Currently, the message posted by a member in a group can only be deleted by them. Often group admins are facing troubles for the fake messages posted by members of the group. To put check to such issues, group admins will be given more control over group chats and they can delete any message posted in the group by members. If the group admin deletes a message, it will be communicated to all members of the group.

WhatsApp will be rolling out a new feature to find out nearby business stores. With this new feature, Businesses Nearby, users can search for grocery stores, restaurants etc., by entering in the search tool.

Data migration from iPhone to Android phone was one of the most notable features rolled out by WhatsApp in 2021. Now, it is working on another similar feature, with which users can transfer their WhatsApp chats from Android phones to iPhones.

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