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Virat Kohli to soon break Bradman’s record

Virat Kohli to soon break Bradman’s record

Vivian Richard, a cricket legend, is the only batsman in the history of the game to score 1,000 runs while on an international tour.

He achieved this record in 1976, getting 1,045 runs in England. He also hit 829 runs in four Test matches and hit 216 runs in ODIs.

Now, Virat Kohli is challenging his record, since he is only 130 runs away from amassing 1,000 runs on a single tour.

Also, after a mere 10 games, he has gotten 4 centuries and 2 fifties to his name. If Kohli continues on his streak, he may very well end up beating Richards’ record.

In comparison to Richards’ statistics, Kohli’s statistics are just as impressive.

He has scored 286 runs in the three-match Test series with a hundred and a fifty, and he scored 558 runs in the 6 ODI innings with 3 hundreds and a fifty.

On Sunday, he also scored 26 runs in the first T20I at the Wanderer’s Stadium in Johannesburg.

His excellent performance thus far is setting him up to become the next great cricket legend by completing this milestone.

Yet, although people are already beginning to compare Kohli to Richards, Kohli himself is not concerned with these comparisons.

Even Vivian Richards sees himself in Kohli, but Kohli does not agree with the comparisons that everyone is making.

He says that whenever he goes out into the field, he wants to play for fun, and to allow the audience to have fun watching him as well.

He does not go out into the field to break records or to fight the opposing team, but he loves being a good contribution to his team and helping them win games.

With this attitude, Kohli shows himself to not just be a great cricket player, but a great man, who cares more for the spirit of teamwork than the possibility of becoming a cricket legend.

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