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Types of Cybercrimes


The technological advancement brings several benefits to people. Simultaneously, it increases the risk of cybercrimes.

There are several types of cybercrimes.

Here is a list of some of them:

Hacking or web hijacking is one of the most common cybercrimes as many of you are probably aware of it.

Hacking involves intruding of your computer system and accessing it without your consent. Some of the computer techies with advanced knowledge misuse their knowledge and hack others’ systems to steal the data of the people.

Viruses and Trojan Horses are malicious programs which affect the data of computers. Antivirus software can prevent virus attacks.

Salami attacks are financial crimes. Since the crimes intend minor amounts, they are difficult to be noticed. For example, if the server of a bank is inserted by such a program by any of its employees to debit an insignificant amount of ₹5 from every customer’s account monthly, it is difficult to find such crimes. The customers do not care about this negligible amount, but the employee can get a substantial amount per month.

Cyberstalking involves the collection of online activity of a person and then harassing him/her. Thus, it invades the privacy of the target person.

Phishing attacks involve the sending of an email with false claims and fake links to scam the user and steal his/her identity. If the receiver of the email clicks on the link, it will be redirected to a website which prompts to share personal information like bank account details, credit card etc. This information will be misused later.

Data diddling involves the unauthorized alteration of data before and during entry. It is difficult to track the activity and attackers can steal the data. They forge the documents and exchange them with already prepared ones.

There are some other cybercrimes also which will be discussed in the next article.

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