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Types of Cybercrimes – 2

Types of Cybercrimes – 2

In the previous article, you have learned about some types of cybercrimes.

Here are some more cybercrimes:

Email bombing is about sending huge volumes of emails to a certain address resulting in the email account or mail servers to crash. It is mainly done by botnets which is difficult to control due to several sources of addresses. Spamming is also one of the types of email bombing. Spamming involves sending unsolicited bulk messages to many users. If you open the links given in these emails, it may lead to phishing websites and malware. These mails also can have attachments that are infected.

DoS (Denial of Service) attack involves the attempt of attackers to repudiate service to the target users. Floods of requests are received by the computers of target users so that they will crash.

Email spoofing is the forgery of an email header to appear to have originated from credible or actual sources. It is a tactic to misguide the people for opening unsolicited offers. The recipients think they have received a mail from legitimate sources.

Internet time or bandwidth theft involves the usage of internet of a person by an unauthorized person. In other words, the internet of victims is used by criminals by accessing it unauthorized. This type of threat is more in open Wi-Fi connection where the users have no passwords. A criminal may use the victim’s internet for any malicious activities as his IP address is found in the activity logs.

Cyber defamation is another cybercrime. If a person is defamed in the cyberspace, it is known as cyber defamation. In other words, internet or computer is used to damage the reputation of a person.

Pornography and child pornography are illegal in many countries. It involves the luring of a target to be trapped to the pornographic photos and videos.

Data breach involves the release of confidential or private information to an untrusted environment. This may be done either intentionally or unintentionally. Data breach involves the risk of identity theft.

Sale of illegal items online is another cybercrime.

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