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Tips on saving your Android mobile data usage

Tips on saving your Android mobile data usage

The consumption of mobile data is a big concern for most smartphone users. People do a lot of things to preserve their precious mobile data. Background apps can actually cause a lot of mobile data drain. Here are some tips to reduce mobile data usage.

Use chrome data saver

Chrome, android’s default browser has a great feature called data saver. As the name suggests, it saves data by compressing the incoming data and uses fewer data to load pages. To activate this feature, go to Chrome Settings >> Advance >> Data Saver and activate the features.

Disable auto-sync option

Disabling the auto-sync option for your account can save a lot of mobile data and battery. This prevents real-time sync of Gmail, Facebook, Calendar and other accounts. To disable auto-Sync, go to the Accounts menu in Settings and disable the auto-sync option.

Set a data limit

By setting a data limit and restricting background data usage, a lot can be saved. To enable this go to devices Settings >> Data Usage and activate “Set cellular data limit”. You can set a monthly limit and also set a warning at a certain amount.

Using Wi-Fi for updating

When your phone receives updates, make sure you do them when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Updates can be quite heavy and they can take a lot of data usage.

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