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Cut down data usage on your smartphone


Everyone who uses a smartphone knows the pain of seeing your phone bill skyrocket. Using internet in your phone is likely to increase your phone bill a lot. This means it is better to cut down on your data usage. Here are some tips to reduce mobile data usage.

Get a Wi-Fi

The first step is to get Wi-Fi in your home. Try to get to Wi-Fi hotspots if you want to use internet elsewhere. In some cities in India, few network providers are providing free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cut down on videos

Watching videos burns your data usage very fast. Try to download videos when you are connected to a Wi-Fi and watch them later. This also applies to music. Avoid live streaming of music and download them to your phone.

Avoid video chats

Try to limit your chats to texts and voice chat at the max. Avoid video calling when using mobile data as it can cost a lot.

Avoid online gaming

Online gaming is a very common habit while travelling and in spare time. Avoid online gaming as much as you can to prevent unnecessary usage of data.

Restrict apps

Some apps tend to work in background to get data from internet. This could include your Facebook, Twitter apps etc. Prevent them from running in background by changing in the settings so that you will only be charged when you open them.

Turn of mobile data

You can manually turn of mobile data usage when you don’t need it to prevent any accidental background usage.

Image Reference: Batterynews

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