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Things to know about registration of vehicle in a new state

Things to know about registration of vehicle in a new state

If you move to another state, then you have to change the registration of your vehicle. In other words, you have to re-register it in the new state you moved to.

For a short period of less than one year, you can operate your vehicle with a No Objection Certificate (NOC). But, if you want to use it for more than that, you will have to re-register it in the state in which you are operating it.

The Motor Vehicle Act says that a vehicle needs to be re-registered in the following cases:

  • If a private vehicle has completed 15 years from the date of original registration.
  • If the vehicle has been transferred to another Indian state to be used there for more than 12 months.

You have to follow the below-mentioned procedure for the re-registration of your vehicle:

  • You need to get a NOC from a driving school or the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where your vehicle is registered. If your vehicle is purchased by a loan, then you should also obtain a NOC from the bank that financed the vehicle. NOC certifies that the owner of the vehicle has neither any pending fines nor has been involved in an accident. It also assures that the vehicle is not stolen good.
  • You need the following documents to get a NOC:
  • Certificate of vehicle registration (original and a self-attested copy)
  • Insurance document (self-attested copy)
  • Aadhaar card (or an address proof) and tax slip.
  • Driving license (original and Photostat)
  • Pollution Check certificate (self-attested copy)
  • Duly filled Form 28 or the application form for a NOC.
  • Fill all the relevant particulars in the form and write N/A in the fields which are not applicable to you. Submit the form with prescribed fees.
  • It takes one to two months to get a NOC after which you have to pay the road tax that is applicable in the state your vehicle is transferring to.
  • If you have paid a lifetime of road tax for your vehicle, then you will get reimbursement of road tax from the previous state.
  • Then, reregister your vehicle in the RTO of the state by submitting the following documents:
  • Registration Certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Address proof in a new state
  • Emission certificate
  • NOC
  • Form 27 CMV, form 29 and form 33.
  • You will be issued a new registration number within a few days.

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