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Now, no need to visit RTO for these services

Now, no need to visit RTO for these services

Good news for citizens as they can avail themselves of many services from their homes in their comfort. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) issued a notification last Friday. It said that citizens can avail of 58 citizen-centric services like driving license, vehicle registration, transfer of ownership, etc. online.

There is no need to visit the regional transport offices (RTOs) to avail of these services. Citizens can avail of these services voluntarily with the help of Aadhaar authentication.

Those who do not have Aadhaar cards can submit alternative documents to the authorities to avail of the services physically.

While issuing the notification, the ministry says that easing the process of getting services online helps save time for citizens. At the same, it also reduces the burden on RTOs.

The list of services available online is as mentioned below:

  • Application for Learner License.
  • Changes like name, photo, address, and signature in it.
  • For issuance of duplicate Learner License.
  • Renewal of Driving License where the test of competence to drive is not needed.
  • Replacement of Driving License.
  • Changes in Driving License, like name, date of birth, photo, signature, biometrics, address etc.
  • International Driving Permit.
  • Renewal of Conductor License.
  • For issuance of duplicate Conductor License.
  • Changes in Conductor License, including name, address, and biometrics.
  • Application for Temporary Registration of the motor vehicle.
  • Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration.
  • For issuance of duplicate Certificate of Registration (RC).
  • For issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Change in an address in RC.
  • For Transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle.
  • Payment of additional lifetime tax, in case of ownership transfer.
  • Endorsement and termination of hire-purchase agreement.
  • For issuance of renewal of Trade Certificate.
  • For issuance of the fresh and duplicate permit.
  • Permanent surrender and renewal of the permit.
  • Transfer of permit.
  • Application for a special and temporary permit.
  • To update mobile numbers in records for transport services.
  • For issuance of duplicate Fitness Certificate.

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