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MyGov offers a WhatsApp chatbot service

MyGov offers a WhatsApp chatbot service

WhatsApp is one of the most renowned social media messaging apps. Though it is intended for messaging and chatting, it is used for many other things as well.

People use it for personal video and audio calls. In addition, businesses also use it to promote their business and connect with their clients and customers.

Due to the ease of usage, WhatsApp has many users across the globe. That’s why many businesses are using it. In addition, many governments also use to offer certain services to citizens.

The Government of India also decided to offer various services to citizens on WhatsApp. The government offers WhatsApp chatbot-based service to provide access to various government documents like a driving license, PAN card, Registration Certificate copy of a vehicle, and many more.

The service aims to reduce people visiting government offices for their vital documents. People can get them from their homes at their convenience.

Citizens can download these documents from Digilocker through a WhatsApp chatbot-based service.

The government introduced the Digilocker project in May this year. However, many users are not aware of the service.

Since many people use WhatsApp, they can avail of the service. Users can download all required documents quickly using WhatsApp Chabot service.

To access Digilocker, you should authenticate first. Then only you can download these government documents on WhatsApp.

For this, send a Hi message to 9013151515. You can also type ‘Digilocker’ and send it to the same number to create a Digilocker account. You will receive a welcome message in response to the message you have sent.

You must authenticate your Digilocker details to get the documents. You should also submit your Aadhaar card number. Enter your Digilocker details and Aadhaar card number.

Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number. Then click on submit button. Now that the authentication process has been finished, you can download your digital documents from Digilocker.

The following documents can be downloaded from Digilocker through WhatsApp: Driving licence, PAN Card, Marksheet of Class X and XII, insurance policy for a two-wheeler, Vehicle RC etc.

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