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WhatsApp outage for more than an hour

WhatsApp outage for more than an hour

WhatsApp services stopped working for more than an hour yesterday. Users from across the globe, including India, said that they were not able to send and receive messages for around two hours. Besides, connectivity errors also had been reported by many users.

Its services were restored after around two hours. Users started reporting the outage at 12:18 pm. Most of them confirmed the resumption of service after 2 pm.

WhatsApp users from all major cities in India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Lucknow, and Hyderabad, reported the issue on Twitter. Its services have been disrupted for around two hours. This is the longest outage of this year. Twitter was flooded with tons of outage messages and memes.

The reason for the outage has not been known. Different reasons have been assumed. Product change could be a reason, as per some analysts, while others assumed the growing dependence on third-party services for managing users.

WhatsApp worked on the issue and was able to restore the services after around two hours. This is the longest outage of this year. In April also, users experienced issues with WhatsApp.

Similarly, WhatsApp was hit by a six-hour-long outage last October. More than 3.5 billion users could not access text and video services due to DNS failure. It was claimed that a faulty configuration was the cause of the outage, but no clarity had been given by the company. That means it did not specify the reason for DNS failure.

At that time, many WhatsApp users explored other options, like Telegram, to switch. However, its simple interface, convenience for usage, and end-to-end encryption helped retain many users despite experiencing troubles.

Many financial institutions discourage their employees from using social media messaging platforms like WhatsApp. However, they are not successful. It is due to the convenience of WhatsApp usage in communication with clients. That’s why WhatsApp users have been growing for the last few years.

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