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Interesting features of the Telegram application

Interesting features of the Telegram application

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media messaging applications. End-to-end encryption is the main reason for its popularity. However, in recent days, many other messaging apps like Telegram are attracting users.  In certain aspects, Telegram is better than WhatsApp, as per technical analysts.

Here are some interesting features of the Telegram application:

Telegram offers unlimited storage by allowing you to save your messages, files and documents on their cloud. Besides, you can log in and log out from multiple devices at a time. You can also view your active sessions and the devices you logged in to. You can also upload any number of files at a time.

The groups on Telegram can have up to 200,000 people, unlike 512 people on WhatsApp groups.

Telegram supports numerous platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. In addition, it can be used through any browser, from PCs with various operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.

The secret chat feature of Telegram allows users to have an end-to-end encrypted chat. They need to set self-destruct timer, and after that, the messages will be deled automatically.

The app provides a media compression option. Users of the app can choose whether to send a compressed media file or an uncompressed one.

Users can communicate with other users even though they don’t have their contact numbers. If a user wishes to send messages without revealing their phone number, they can continue without their phone number. It helps keep the privacy of the contact number of a user.

The latest version of the app offers both voice and video call options. Also, users can send all kinds of files through the platform, including image files, document files, video files etc.

Users can also save the messages in the draft form to be sent later. Besides, drafts will be synced to all their devices. Hence users can send them from any device of their choice.

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