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How technology can destroy relationships

Technology and relationships

Relationships in the present day are affected a lot by technology. Some couples tend to share everything about them on social media while others could forget each other’s existence because of addiction to technology. This means that it is no surprise to say that technology destroys relationships.


When you depend on technology even for basic communication with your partner, you are basically opening up possibilities for misunderstandings. The real intention of your words could be lost. Whatever message you send in anger can last forever.

Virtual worlds

When you share space in virtual worlds with your partner, it creates a world of gap between you and your partner. This will destroy the communication between partners.

Having no time together

With most of the day spent in offices, a couple might not have much to spend together. If you chose to bury yourself with your phone even in the little you find with your partner, then this will destroy your relationship.

Living like strangers

What good is it if you are living together with your loved one when you barely talk to each other or even see each other? Technology addiction makes strangers out of lovers.


When there is no proper communication and when you lose the intimacy, the only thing left there will be fights. This is what over usage of technology can do.

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