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Employment to Rural youth using technology and innovation

Employment to Rural youth using technology and innovation

Have you heard of Lend a Hand India team? They are providing the rural youth with good employment opportunities. The group is implementing programs along with several partners across the nation to help 285 million young unemployed Indians between the age group of 15 – 29.

Some of their projects are:

Project Disha provides career guidance to young boys and women from rural communities. Project Catalyst equips youth from low income communities with tools to figure as catalysts for community development.

And the Junior Rural Fellowship, that provides six month long fellowship programs during that the fellows are trained on a variety of life skills as well as business communication and personality development, in conjunction with a paid apprenticeship at the end of the program.

Project Swadheen may be a natural extension of Project Disha, and is being implemented in secondary schools across rural India under the name of plan 100.

Plan 100 was launched in August 2005 to equip India’s rural youth with vocation and life skills. The project aims to make Basic Rural Technology Centers in one hundred high schools in India and teach vocational life skills to 20,000 young boys and girls.

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