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Handling anger in relationships

Handling anger in relationships

Not having proper control over anger is one of the best ways to destroy a relationship. No matter how patient and understanding your partner is, if you cannot learn to control your anger, your relationship is set to be doomed. You being angry can make your partner angry too. This can cause a lot of fights in a relationship. Here are some ways to handle your anger.

Find the source

Try to find the source of your anger and try to understand how to solve. If the reason is simple, then you should solve it yourself. Know that satisfying your ego is not worth sacrificing your relationship.


Express your anger to your partner in a peaceful way. This will make sure that your partner can understand why you are being angry.

Try to solve

If you care about solutions more than satisfying your ego, then you should focus on discussions to solve the fight. If you care about satisfying your ego, then you should immediately start working on those issues.

Do not take fast decisions

When you are angry, do not come to conclusions and state things you do not mean. This can hurt the feelings of your partner. Try to avoid decision making too.

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