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Safety Apps for Women – 2

Safety Apps for Women - 2

In the previous article, you have read about some mobile applications related to women safety.

In this article, you will know about some other safety apps for women.

Shake2Safety helps users send emergency SOS messages to pre-registered contacts. Users can call instantly to their contacts by just shaking the phone or pressing the power button four buttons. The app even works on locked screen. It can be used without internet connection as well. It is very helpful in the event of accident, robbery or natural disaster.

My SafetyPin app helps find the best and safest road if you are stuck in the middle of the road and have no clues about the route.

This app alerts you when you enter an unsafe location. Your family members or friends can tack you with this app. Certain parameters are used to measure the safety of an area including visibility, transport and security.

Chilla app can be activated by shouting loudly in case the user is not able to press the phone button due to some problem. The app sends alert messages to the guardian after activation. Users can also send alert messages to pre-registered contacts by pressing the power button five times.

CitizenCop app facilitates users to report illegal activities or criminal cases in their areas anonymously. Robberies or thefts can be informed to the police. The app has eLakshmanRekha for the safety of women. Several safety features like emergency calls in an unpleasant situation, live tracking and SOS tracking are available in this app.

Trakie provides real-time information about the movement, location and speed of travelling to your close contacts. It enables the users to chat with their contacts.

There are many more mobile applications for the safety of women. So, use the app that fits your needs.

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