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Safety Apps for women

Safety Apps for women

As the crimes against women are increasing, the safety of women becomes a concern.

Mobile phone is one of the most important things now, hence several apps are designed for the safety of women.

Here is a list of some safety apps for women. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes.

Eyewatch SOS for Women captures the surroundings of the user in an audio and video form and sends them to registered contacts along with an alert message. It has a high location accuracy. The app functions without GPRS. With the Safety confirmation feature, the users can send their safety information to their close contact by pressing the I am Safe button.

bSafe is an all-in-one safety app which provides various features. It has an alarm to send the exact location and audio-video of the surroundings to the contacts. Its Follow me feature helps in tracking of the user via GPS until she reaches the destination. Its Fake call feature enables to fake call in order to escape from an unpleasant situation. The ‘timer alarm’ feature facilitates to set an auto alarm to inform the whereabouts of the user to her closed ones.

SpotnSave Feel secure is one of the most advanced safety apps. The app sends alert message and location to the registered contacts every two minutes. The app even can be used with a wrist band.

iGoSafely also sends alert messages, emails and/or GPS position to emergency contacts after the activation. It continuously sends messages every minute unless the alarm is turned off with a secret disarm code. It can record audio for thirty seconds by just shaking the phone.

Smart 24X7 app helps the user to call the police by pressing the panic button. Users can also call their pre-registered contact. The location is sent via SMS if the GPRS is not functioning. It has tracking, customer care and chat features. In the emergency events, this app can click photos and record audios and videos.

Read about some other applications in the next article.

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