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Bengaluru metro – First two doors for women soon

Bengaluru metro – First two doors for women soon

Public places are often very dangerous for women, and metro stations are no exception.

In Bengaluru, women have spoken out about this problem, and have filed complaints to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited for women-exclusive coach  (BMRCL) in which they expressed that they have faced difficulty while entering and exiting metro compartments.

The BMRCL has responded to their complaints, and they are taking steps to make sure that metros are safe for women passengers.

Next month, they will assign doors of metro trains as women-exclusive doors, in order to provide safety and convenience for women when they enter and exit the train.

Mahendra Jain, the Managing Director of the BMRCL, explained how they will first test this move on a few of their trains.

They will assign two out of the four doors in the first coach of a few trains in the Green Line and the Purple Line as women-exclusive doors.

If they receive good feedback, then they will assign women-exclusive doors on all of the trains in their metro network.

This will be a preparation for the six-coach metro trains coming soon, since those trains will reserve the first coach of the train as an entirely women-exclusive coach.

Since the first coach of the six-coach metro trains will be exclusive to women, the six-coach trains will not need any doors to be assigned as women-exclusive doors.

The BMRCL is also receiving several coaches that will be used in the six-coach metro trains. They will introduce 150 new coaches by June of 2019, and they are receiving several of these coaches every month.

Soon, they will be able to introduce Bengaluru’s first six-coach metros, which will give women more opportunity for safe commuting.

Now, with these women-exclusive metro doors, and with the upcoming women-exclusive coaches of the six-coach metro trains, women passengers in Bengaluru will have a much safer and more convenient metro experience.

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