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Pranks for April Fool’s Day at Workplace

Pranks for April Fool’s Day at Workplace

Today is April 1, the All Fool’s Day. Several of you might have already started playing pranks on your family members.

Here are some pranks to be played at the workplace on your colleagues and boss expecting that you won’t probably get fired.

Leave a sticky note on some of your colleagues’ desk without writing your name. Let them guess and have fun.

If you want to make your colleagues crazy, then connect their keyboard wire to your CPU. When they start typing, you can type something funny or even use a horror script to make it scary.

Change your WiFi name to ‘April Fool’. Or if your team has any secret code, then use it.

Keep a scary image in your colleague’s drawer.

Change your office door bumper with an air horn and shut the door. If anyone opens it, then the horn blows and everyone will laugh.

Hide any personal belonging of your colleague and leave a note demanding for chocolate or some fun ransom. Enjoy!

Wrap your colleagues’ chair with a paper and sneak a toy. When they sit on the chair, then the fun begins.

Block the sensor of the mouse using a post-it of your colleague’s picture. They find the picture or image and will turn their mouse only after that.

Do not use too much time to play pranks. If your pranks need a lot of time, then do it in the lunch break. Do not hurt anyone with pranks and make sure your pranks will give fun to your colleagues too. Also, don’t get offended if you are pranked.

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