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Operation Nirbheek by Delhi police

Operation Nirbheek by Delhi police

Delhi police are launching a new operation in order to help school girls and college girls fight off sexual crimes. Nirbheek Woman Police Officers (NWPOs) will educate girls regarding sexual crimes and the punishments associated with them. These policewomen will be sent to help increase the safety of girls. They will encourage girls to come forward with their complaints.

This new operation is called Operation Nirbheek. The operation had a trial run in Northeast Delhi for two months. Now, Delhi police are setting up the operation and launched it in all 160 police stations across 11 districts in the city.

As per the new initiative, the Station House Officers (SHOs) will appoint one female police officer as a Nirbheek Woman Police Officer (NWPO). She takes on responsibilities like educating girls in schools and colleges about different sexual crimes and the punishments related to sexual harassment.

The main in charge of the Nirbheek team will be an ACP rank officer. The chief co-ordinator will be the SHO. There will also be a woman sub-inspector or assistant sub-inspector who acts as the coordinator.

The role of NWPO will be taken by a woman head constable. Going to various schools/colleges, the SHO will personally introduce the NWPO to various principals.

Once the officer is chosen, they will visit various schools and colleges at least once a week. They have to spend two hours with the students. The constable in this position is required to have good communication skills, patience and listening capability.

There will be dedicated sessions where students are shown group plays and documentaries to help increase awareness. Girls are encouraged to speak up about any kind of sexual assault they faced.

Officers will also talk to students who have registered complaints in the past. The students are encouraged to tell their stories on how they faced harassment or abuse.

Image Attribution: Antônio Milena, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Delhi_Police_Parade.jpeg

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