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New features of WhatsApp

New features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been testing many features. The latest features are being tested on Beta version. You can try them on WhatsApp Beta version.

So, become a WhatsApp beta tester to use the latest features.

Here are the new features of WhatsApp:

Consecutive Messages:

This feature facilitates the automatic queuing of voice messages. Just tap on the play button and all the voice messages will be played in a row for you. You can find this feature on WhatsApp beta for iOS (v 2.18.100) and Android Beta version (v 2.18.362).

Media Preview:

This feature facilitates to preview any media directly through your notification tray. Hence, you can simply view the media like photo, video or audio by just swiping down on the message. There is no need to open it to view. Now, only iOS users can have this feature.

Group Call Shortcut:

Soon, WhatsApp is going to introduce a standalone button for making group call in group chats. For this, you have to just tap on the button and choose the friends you want to be in the call, and then select the call type like voice or video call. The feature can now be used only in the iOS beta version of the app (v2.18.363).


This new feature allows you to simply click on a YouTube video and watch it in a box hovering over the chat window. Thus, there is no need to tap multiple times on the button.

QR Codes:

This feature allows you to share your contact number via a QR code rather than sharing it digit by digit. You can also revoke the QR code to stop sharing it and allowing other users in future to get your WhatsApp number.

Dark Mode:

This feature allows you to turn the brighter things to dark mode to be used at night time and reduce your eyestrain.

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