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Mahindra, Tata Motors electric cars are being rejected

Mahindra, Tata Motors electric cars are being rejected

The government’s plan to provide electric cars to the people is well underway. However, senior government officials have recently refused to use electric cars made by Tata Motors Ltd. and Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

These two companies’ vehicles were cited as having low mileage and poor performance. The vehicles for the government’s project are procured and deployed by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL).

EESL is a public sector unit under the Ministry of Power. Initially, the supply of the electric variants of Tata Motors’ Tigor and M&M’s Verito were delayed, due to the lack of charging infrastructure.

Tata Motors was supposed to supply 350 units to the Union government in the first phase, while M&M was supposed to supply them with 150 units.

After this, the companies were to give EESL another 9,500 units of electric vehicles, and M&M would account for 40% of the total. M&M has taken the shortcomings of E-Verito into consideration. They are developing a new electric vehicle that will give more mileage.

A senior government official said that both models had failed to even run 80 to 82 kilometers on single charge within city limits. Compared to global standards of electric vehicles, their battery capacity was not up to the mark.

Since electric vehicles are a new technology, EESL said that they want to be confident in their products before they deliver them to their clients. However, they said that they will be deploying about 200 to 250 electric vehicles by the middle of July.

The conditions of the second tender are currently being reevaluated, and they will be released soon. EESL is committed to fulfill the government’s e-mobility mission by 2030.

In order to do that, they must make sure that these electric vehicles are the best quality possible. EESL wants to create a robust market for e-mobility in India, in order to enable more savings on fuel and energy.

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