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Lawyer wins Rs.1.5 lakh because of faulty toilet door

Lawyer wins Rs.1.5 lakh because of faulty toilet door

It seems that a faulty toilet door of a train has helped a lawyer hit a jackpot. The lawyer was travelling from Delhi to Durg on the Samta Express. Gurudarshan Lamba, the aforementioned lawyer, had to use the washroom. He was careful in bolting the door. However, another passenger who wanted to use the washroom managed to open it with a slight nudge.

Lamba was extremely shocked over the incident. He says that he was shocked that the door opened so easily even after he locked it. He found that the reason for it opening was due to the defective latch on the door.

Even more surprising is the fact that Gurudarshan Lamba was travelling in the A1 coach. Faulty things in Indian Railways have become quite a common place these days. However, Lamba did not want to let this slide easily. As soon as possible, he filed a complaint with the Railway authorities. He also filed a case for their negligence that has caused him such mental agony.

The Railway counsel who did not want to lose made a counter to Lamba’s plea. They argued that Lamba could have used the rest of three washrooms if he found that the door was faulty. They also stated that no other passengers in the A1 coach have made any complaints regarding the faulty door.

Despite these arguments, Maitriya Mathur, judge of the Durg district consumer redressal forum supported Gurudarshan Lamba. He said that passengers pay a lot of money to make reservations on the AC coach and that the Railways should be able to give them proper and secure amenities for their comfort. In return for Lamba’s mental agony, the forum has ordered the Railways to pay Lamba a compensation of Rs.1.50 lakh and Rs.10,000 as litigation costs.

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