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Komal Lahiri is WhatsApp’s Grievance Manager

Komal Lahiri is WhatsApp’s Grievance Manager

WhatsApp users have been facing several issues especially with forwards of fake messages. Despite some steps being taken by the social messaging platform, several users are still facing problems.

In this context, Indian government has even considering banning messages of WhatsApp. Due to constant pressure from Indian government, WhatsApp has been taking several measures to control spreading of misinformation.

In order to solve the grievances of Indians, WhatsApp appointed Komal Lahiri as its grievance manager for India.

Users can approach her for complaints, flag concerns even about messages of fake news.

As per the sources, Komal Lahiri who is based out of the US has been appointed as the grievance officer at the end of August month.

Users can seek her help by sending emails or messages via the mobile app.

Lahiri is a senior director at WhatsApp.

India has more than 200 million WhatsApp’s users which is the biggest market for WhatsApp.

Due to spreading of fake messages or rumors on this platform, WhatsApp restricted message forwards to five chats at a time. It also removed the quick forward button to discourage mass forwarding. A ‘forward’ label has been introduced for users to identify such messages.

As mob violence has been provoked in many instances, the government has been pressurizing the social media app to develop tools to stop fake messages.

The appointment of grievance officer is vital in this regard.

Earlier, a petition was launched in the Supreme Court alleging that WhatsApp does not comply with Indian laws. And the Apex Court approved to examine the petition.

Before that, the court sought the reply from WhatsApp on this matter in four weeks.

As the general elections are approaching, the government is very keen on stopping rumors or fake news from spreading on social media platforms. It wants all these platforms to keep proper checks and be vigilant.

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