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How to identify fake new notes

How to identify fake new notes

The story of how fake new notes were found in an ATM took the whole nation by storm. Despite the security features in the new notes, the fake notes were made in a way that is hard to detect immediately.

Everywhere on social media people were talking about how a man in New Delhi who tried withdraw money found four notes of ₹2,000 which were fake.

The notes stated that they were issued by the “Children Bank of India and did not have the RBI stamp.

Many people were concerned about how to spot a fake new note. If you ever draw cash from ATM and you feel suspicious at the notes, then here are the ways to find out if they are fake or not.

These are the security features of the new notes.

For ₹2,000 notes

The notes are made of the dimensions 66mm×166mm

The age old trick of holding the note against light still applies. You will be able to see on the left the number 2,000 against the light.

When held at a 45 degree angle, the watermark with numeral 2,000 can be seen.

For the visually impaired people, there is raised printing of Mahatma Gandhi portrait and the Ashoka Pillar emblem. It can be felt through touch.

On the sides of the currency, there are seven angled lines in raised printing as well.

The note is made using a color changing thread. When viewed at different angles, the inscription of RBI, Bharat in Devnagari script and the numerals 2,000 change color.

For ₹500 notes

The dimensions of ₹500 notes is 63mm x 150mm.

It has the same system for visually impaired. You can sense a circle with ₹500 on the right with raised printing. This can be easily sensed just by touching.

The ₹500 note has five angled lines are in raised printing.

Image by Pashminu Mansukhani from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

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