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Modi replaces Mahatma Gandhi image in Khadi Udyog’s stationary

Modi replaces Mahatma Gandhi image in Khadi Udyog’s stationary

Narendra Modi has certainly been one of the most popular political leaders of India, possibly in the whole world.

His popularity and influence has led to his picture replacing the picture of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi in the Khadi Udyog’s 2017 wall calendar and table diary.

This has led to a lot of buzz among the social media and people.

The employees of Khadi Village Industries Commission in Mumbai protested the calendar.

They held a silent, soul-cleansing protest wearing black bands on their mouths.

Some of the workers there even gathered at Suburban Vile-Parle protesting the removal of image of the father of the nation.

The protesters were clear that they are not against the picture of the Modi but only wanted to know why Gandhi’s picture did not make it.

They asked if Gandhi was no longer relevant in the Khadi industry.

Several of them demanded that the calendar be reprinted with the picture of Gandhi.

In response, a senior KVIC official of the commission said that Modi’s move of distributing 500 Charkhas to women spinners in Ludhiana last October was an important moment and that is the reason Modi’s picture was used.

He said that no would ever ignore the Mahatma.

He added that Gandhi is like the core of the Khadi industry and that will never be denied.

The official further stated that Modi himself is a big supporter of Khadi as he himself wears it and promotes it across the world.

He said that Modi’s usage of Khadi and endorsement of it increased its popularity not just in the country but across the world.

The official said that he is the biggest brand ambassador of Khadi and his ‘Make in India’ campaign is also encouraging it.

The rise in popularity helped bring modern technology for khadi weaving and brought forth new innovations.

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