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Foods for Chaitra Navratri fast

Foods for Chaitra Navratri fast

Chaitra Navratri is a traditional Hindu festival. Many people observe a fast starting from March 28, 2017 ending on Ram Navami on April 5.

The fast however does not mean that you should not eat anything. Since this is the beginning of a new year, the fast consists of special food that has meaning and significance.

Do you know that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi observes fast during both Chaitra Navratri as well as Sharad Navratri. Every year, he only eats fruits once a day for 18 days.

With that here are some foods you can have during this fast:

You can eat Kuttu Atta. It is called buckwheat flour. Using this, you can make khichdi, paratha, poori and halwa. It is delicious and healthy.

Try eating Sabudana. They are also called as sago/tapioca pearls. Using this, items like sabudana kheer, payasam, khichdi, vada can be made.

You can use Sama Chawal to make idli, uttapam, dosa and puri for vrat. They are nutritious and keep you healthy.

Spices and herbs likesendha namak (rock salt), cumin seeds (jeera), green cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, nutmeg, cinnamon and green chilli are all considered healthy and auspicious.

One can drink tea while on the vrat but coffee is not allowed.

You can also have dairy products to make it interesting. Products like milk, curd, paneer, butter, ghee, khoya and condensed milk are allowed.

When you are going through this fast, onion and garlic are items that are strictly not allowed.

Use Makhana or fox nuts to make kheer or aloo makhana.

The main food in the diet is fruits and vegetables. You should consume these as much as you can. All fruits are allowed in the diet. You can also eat coconut based dishes or have coconut milk and water.

When it comes to vegetables, try potatoes, sweet potatoes, suran, tomatoes, pumpkin, bananas and papaya. They are good at giving a lot of energy.

Dry fruits like Almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts and kishmish can be eaten during fast.

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