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Express security checks at airports

Express security checks at airports

In Hyderabad, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (or RGIA) has set up the first Express Security Check facility in India. According to a report by the GMR (Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao) Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. (or GHIAL) in the Times of India, the RGIA is the first Indian airport to allow passengers a pre-embarkation security check, which is given at the entry gate of the terminal.

This new process lets passengers go to an Express Security Check lane after they acquire their boarding passes from one of the self-service kiosks.

This will much improve the general efficiency of the airport, without having to deal with cumbersome check-in counter lines.

The RGIA is an especially bustling airport, with over 18,000 domestic departure passengers going through it from day today. About 40% of those passengers carry hand baggage, which must be surveyed in a security check.

Therefore, the Express Security Check improves the time for both check-in counter queues and for the on-time performance (or OTP) of planes.

It will also improve the mood of impatient passengers, who would previously become frustrated at the tedious waits on check-in lines.

The wait for plane departure itself would also be reduced. This would therefore also be relieving to any passengers travelling without hand baggage, who have to wait for those who do.

S. G. K. Kishore, the CEO of the GHIAL, has said that the traffic of the airport will greatly improve with the implementation of this new system, and so will the mood of the customers.

The airport is also making other innovations to its system, such as its new end-to-end e-boarding process and its discarding of the baggage tag and boarding card stamps.

The RIGA is the first airport in India to implement both innovations.

Kishore also encourages that other Indian airports take measures like these, to ensure contentment and efficiency for all planes and their passengers throughout the country.

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