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Man sends hijack alert to prevent girlfriend’s flight

Man sends hijack alert to prevent girlfriend’s flight

There are some people who would go to any length for their selfish needs. However, they are not always very smart. This is an example which is humorous and also bad at the same time.

M Vamshi Krishna, a transport businessman from Hyderabad decided it’s a good idea to send a hijack report to airport authorities just so his girlfriend wouldn’t take her trip to Mumbai and Goa.

The worst/best part of the story is that Vamshi is a married man with a daughter.

After he did so, the Hyderabad police quickly managed to find the 32 year old businessman for sending a fake hijack threat to the airport authorities.

The man has been identified as M. Vamshi Krishna, a transport businessman from Miyapur, Hyderabad. He is married and has a daughter.

He recently met another Chennai-based woman through Facebook who wanted to go on fun trip to Mumbai and Goa. As a result, she kept bugging Vamshi to book her flight tickets.

Vamshi, who wanted to avoid booking her a flight ticket sent her a fake flight ticket.

His genius plan was to stop her from boarding by sending an email to Mumbai police saying that six persons were planning to hijack flights leaving from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports.

He expected that his girlfriend would have her flight canceled because of it. Because of that email security became much tighter at Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai airports.

His email caused a special meeting to be organized so that all officials can read that email.

Many extra security personnel were deployed at these airports because of it. The checking measures and everything became tighter to all passengers.

Suffice to say that the police managed to arrest Vamshi for doing this. Guess his plans to trick his wife and girlfriend did not take flight.

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