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Era of smartphone and dumb user

Era of smartphone and dumb user

From waking up with the phone alarm to that good night text to everyone, this is an era of smart phones. The question we should be asking is whether the user in this smartphone is also smart. The problem is not the usage of the smartphone but rather depending on it for every detail.

There are many people who cannot remember their family members’ phone numbers even in emergency. If these people were to lose their phones they cannot contact anyone they know. Another important aspect is the increasing usage of phone every day. These days, people are using their phones for most of their day.

It is found that the average smartphone user spends over 30 hours every month browsing through apps. The smartphones can also have a lot of personal data. It is important to keep that data safe while downloading many apps. Make sure you know what kind of permissions you are giving.

Then there is the possibility of stolen phones. A smartphone can be a mine of data for identity thieves. Having proper care is very important to prevent identity thefts. However, every day cases of lost phones are increasing. We should always trust our human instinct more than a phone.

Image Reference: Thehindu

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