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Do not search for these things on Google

Do not search for these things on Google

Searching on Google or Googling is the most common thing done by people to know about anything they want. Google shows the information on its platform which is not its own.

That means it may not be completely true and accurate. At the same time, many fraudsters also can keep malicious websites based on top search trends. Hence, beware of searching for things on Google.

Also do not search for the following things on Google:

  • Do not use an online banking website by searching on Google. Use an official URL of the bank. This is because fraudsters may create fake websites by changing a single alphabet or so. If you use your credentials to log in to the website, you may fall prey to phishing and other cyber attacks.
  • Similarly, do not search for government websites to pay municipality taxes, electricity bills etc., as scammers may mislead you to fake websites.
  • If you want to download any apps, go to their website or visit Google Play Store. Otherwise, there are chances that you may install malware apps on your phone.
  • Searching for customer care numbers or contact numbers on Google may often lead to online scams. There were many such instances in which several people were deceived by the scammers.
  • Do not search for offers and coupons on Google as it is one of the most popular ways used by scammers. Similarly, do not Google for discount codes. Fraudsters lure customers with attractive offers and if you click on these links, they may steal your data and financial information.
  • Do you know that many antivirus apps and software turn to be fake products in reality? Unless you know the original ones, do not download apps or software that claim to protect from virus and malware. This is because many fake products are difficult to identify.

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