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Colors to use for certain situations

Colors to use for certain situations

Researchers state that the color you wear can affect your mood and behavior.

Here are certain colors to use or wear for certain situations or things:

Orange color is perfect to wear for work out as it promotes motivation and enthusiasm. Being the mixture of red and yellow, orange increases the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates its activity.

Wear red color on a date if you are a woman as it shows passion. On the other hand, wear blue color if you are a man as it is a stable color and women love stable men. Blue color calms and relaxes your body.

Use green color for your desktop as it prevents eyestrain. Green is restful for eyes; hence it is ideal for using it for your desktop as you spend several hours in front of the computer screen. You can also use green color for websites to improve their productivity.

Painting offices in blue and green color improves the efficiency of employees and enhance their moods. The research of the Creighton University revealed that blue offices keep employees calm and positive towards their work. Blue helps reduce heart rates and green reduces the anxiety. Hence, the combination of blue and green is best for office or workplace.

Colors to use for certain situations

Colors to use for certain situations

Wearing black color increases aggressiveness. The statistics of previous data from the National Hockey League games revealed that wearing black jerseys stimulated aggression in players for which they were penalized more compared to wearing white jerseys.

Grey color is not recommended to wear to work as it is reflexive. It has a lack of energy and promotes easygoingness. However, if you want to wear grey to your office, you can pair it with a brighter color to offset the effect.

Though colors can affect the moods, there are certain other things as well that improve your productivity. So, pick the best color that works for you well.

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