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New grooming rules for Air India cabin crew

New grooming rules for Air India cabin crew

Air India was acquired by Talace Private Limited of Tata Sons. Now it has issued new grooming guidelines for its cabin crew members. Besides, it also issued new standards of operating procedures.

In addition, it also issued a new set of rules for flight attendants. The company released a statement with various grooming norms for both male and female crew members. Details are given below.

Grooming rules issued for male crew members are as follows:

  • All male crew members must use hair gel since it is mandatory.
  • Members who have deep receding hairlines or bald patches should maintain a bald look by shaving their heads.
  • In addition, those with a fully bald look must shave their heads regularly.
  • Grey hair is not permitted. People who have grey hair must colour their hair in a natural shade.
  • Henna and other fashion colours are not permitted to colour their hair. It applies to all crew members, i.e. both male and female.
  • The crew cut is also not permitted.
  • It is quite common for some people to wear black thread or religious threads on their wrists or ankle. However, Air India says that wearing such threads is not permitted on the wrist, neck, and ankle. It applies to both male and female crew members.

Grooming rules for female crew members:

  • Female crew members are not allowed to wear pearl earrings. Also, bangles with designs and stones are not allowed. Only one plain bangle is allowed.
  • Flight attendants can wear gold or diamond-shaped earrings but without designs.
  • They should not style their hair in top knots or low buns. Bobby pins are allowed for hair. They should use only four black pins for their hair.
  • Bindis must be 0.5 cm in size; however, it is optional.
  • Rings must not be more than 1 cm in width. They should wear only one ring on each hand.

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