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Centre bans 35 WhatsApp groups

Centre bans 35 WhatsApp groups

Amid the protests of Agnipath in the country, the central government banned 35 WhatsApp groups. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that these WhatsApp groups are spreading fake news and misinformation on the Agnipath scheme.

Besides, more than 10 people have been arrested on charges of organizing protests. In addition to that, the government issued a number to check facts in this regard. The number is 8799711259.

If anyone wants to check the accuracy of the information spread on WhatsApp whether it is true or fake news, they can check it on the given number.

Last week the protests against the Agnipath scheme turned violent in many states like Bihar, Telangana etc.

The protestors burned down several train bogies and vandalized Railway properties. To restrict the spread of misinformation on social media, the Bihar government suspended internet services in 12 districts across the state for two days. At that time, the Bihar government said that the internet was used to spread rumours and misinformation. It was found that some coaching centres provoked protestors against the scheme.

The Telangana Police also said that there was a man behind the protestors in the state. He runs a coaching institute in Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh. He created a WhatsApp group to send messages to all members of the group to take part in the protests against the Agnipath scheme.

In this context, the central government banned some WhatsApp groups. It also made it clear that there would be no rolling back of the Agnipath scheme. The recruitment process for the scheme will begin soon in the country.

The defence ministry said that people who participated in violent protests or were accused of vandalism would not be recruited. Furthermore, it said that all aspirants would have to submit a written pledge. They have to state in that pledge that they did not take part in the protests. Police will verify these pledges while recruiting candidates.

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