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Why Celeb marriages fail?

Why Celeb marriages fail?

Recently, Farhan Akhtar and his wife of 15 years Adhuna have announced of their separation. This is one of the many failed celeb marriages. One might wonder why many celeb marriages or relationships end in failure. Many issues that come in a regular marriage also occur in a celeb marriage. However, there are some points which can make celeb marriages especially vulnerable. These might even apply to your own marriage.


Celeb marriages tend to have more insecurity than regular marriages. The main reason behind this is the fact that many celebs might need to stay away from their spouses for a long time. This could result in them going astray.

Lot of pressure

Celeb marriages are usually in a lot of spotlight. This puts more pressure in the marriage than usual. Pressure has the habit of creating problems between the spouses.

Constant eye of the media

Celebs are under constant scrutiny by the media. Things can get exaggerated because of this and that can lead to fights.

New people

Celebs are generally more social than normal people. They might meet new people to which they could get attracted to. This can be a huge problem for obvious reasons.

Increased ego

If both of the partners in a marriage are celebs, this could create a certain tension between them if one of them ends up being more successful professionally. Ego can lead to a lot of fights and issues between couples.

More importance to career

Celebs usually stay in their position by giving utmost importance to their careers. This could mean that their spouses might get neglected. Lack of communication or attention is a great way to destroy a marriage.

Different paths

There are times when celebs got together in an impulse. Once things settle down, they might lose the interest and passion they once had.

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