India Relations with Nepal

Has the Indian media destroyed relations with Nepal

Has the Indian media destroyed relations with Nepal

For many years the Indian media has uplifted the view of being a big brother to Nepal. However, it is time to see if things have too far.

Some of the Nepali’s reaction was definitely justified — keep in mind the time, many years past, once the Indian ambassador applied enough pressure on Indian corporations to tug advertisements from Nepali newspapers because he didn’t just like the line they were toeing?

Certainly, the visiting Indian traveller, who behaved abominably within the bars and restaurants of Thamel or in casinos elsewhere within the town has strengthened the stereotype of the ‘Ugly Indian’ that the poorer Nepalis applied to them.

All these reasons have created a strong dislike between Indians and Nepalis — exactly as a result of both groups shared language and faith and color of skin.

As the Twitter hashtag #GoHomeIndianMedia began to trend over the weekend, both in nepal and India, it had been clear that Indian journalists who once walked arm in arm with the Nepalis have fallen to a present version of the Ugly Indian.

Having gone there to cover the earthquake and show commonality with the pain and trauma of these who had suffered, many Indian TV journalists instead behaved like callous and insensitive jerks, one of them repeatedly asking a girl who had lost her young son: “How do you feel?”

Many Nepalis have asked the Indian media if the destruction was just a side show to the help that Indian government is doing. This begs us to reconsider if maybe Indian media is crossing a limit with their behavior.

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