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India has made a request to major media companies to ban betting advertisements


Although gambling is prohibited in India, this does not prevent residents of this country from learning about new online casinos, registering in them, and playing actively. Apparently, the observance of the laws among the Indians is not as popular as, for example, in Europe, and law enforcement agencies are not very enthusiastic about it either.

Gambling ads, including bookmakers and online casinos, can be found on websites with soap operas, social networks, and even state television. Strangely enough, the Ministry of Information has no leverage over the media companies that regulate such content on the television network.

It is correct to specify that in some Indian states, gambling is still allowed. We are talking about those varieties in which the result can be based on the skills of the player: sports betting, poker, blackjack, and a number of others. However, locals rarely follow the rules, and often give preference to offshore online casinos or to land-based underground clubs, where everything depends only on luck (and the honesty of the operator).

The most interesting thing is that even offshore online casinos advertise on government channels, resulting in an impressive influx of audience. For example ranks such casinos that operate under foreign licenses.

According to the Ministry of Information in India, foreign gambling operators abuse their financial power to purchase advertisements and broadcast them to the citizens of India, who are forbidden to gamble. In addition, online casinos are also advertised on news sites popular in the country, whose servers are also located abroad.

In addition, the Ministry of Information appealed to the inhabitants of India, warning them against playing in foreign online casinos, as it can be dangerous in terms of addiction and big losses of their own money.

The Ministry also addressed marketing agencies, demanding them to follow the law and not place advertisements for banned online casinos in the Indian market.

The Ministry of Information representative concluded that all TV channels and Indian news websites that have placed advertisements of offshore betting shops and online casinos would be fined and punished by other methods in accordance with Indian laws.

The All India Gambling Federation, India’s main industry body for online gambling, has responded positively to such a serious announcement. Representatives of the federation thanked the government for its open and courageous fight against gambling in the country and unlicensed operators who, among other things, do not pay taxes to the state treasury.

Director General of the Federation Roland Landers said that monitoring of the betting market and online casinos would continue, and the data on all violators would be immediately submitted to the Ministry of Information. According to the head of the union, this will clear the Indian gambling market of illegal operators, as well as protect the country’s residents from the risk of being cheated or subjected to gambling addiction.

After some time, the Ministry of Information once again reminded the TV channels and news agencies of the responsibility they would incur in case of violation of advertising rules. As a result, the number of advertised online casinos in the country has indeed decreased, but whether this has affected the real preoccupation of Indian residents with foreign online casinos remains to be seen.

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